Saturday, October 06, 2012

Sean starts 9th Grade

Want to talk about where have the years gone. I cannot believe Sean is in the 9th grade.  He was only 2 years old when I first met him and now he is in his last year of Jr. High.  I just cannot believe the years have flown by so quickly.  I am so proud of him and how well he has done in school. He had all honors classes last year and a 4.0 GPA and I have all the faith and confidence that he will do it again this year. I am proud of you Sean. Good luck this year and make us proud....again!

Colby and Austin were so proud to send Sean off to his first day of school.

First day at University Kids

It was the big day for Colby and Austin to start a new school called University Kids. It is a part of the University of Utah.  The boys were super excited because it is the first day in 4 years that they did not have to wear a uniform to school.  I love how differently they dressed.
  We have always wanted them to start kindergarten when they were 6 and we finally feel we are on track with our plan for the boys and their educational future. We are very thankful we have been able to have them in very good pre-schools since they were 2 years old which has them very prepared for Kindergarten this year.
 I was so proud of them for getting up and getting dressed, eating white powdered doughnuts and being excited to go make new friends.  They really liked their teacher Ms. Stephanie and she loved them too.

 One last photo with Mom before we loaded up in the car.

Super proud of all my boys.  How the years are flying by and they are growing up too quick.

Lyndsey turns 21

Where have the years gone? I remember meeting the sweetest lil 9 year old girl with blond hair and a big smile.  I remember buying Lyndsey a scooter for Christmas and seeing her eyes light up and the pure excitement of her new toy. She was so proud of her scooter and that she could ride it with no problems.  I also remember thinking how sweet she was and what a great future she would have.
 And now she turns 21, is in college and living out on her own and she is doing great.

 It was so nice to spend her birthday with her this year, we just wish Pat had been here with  us.

 This is the card Colby made for Lyndsey

It's the party crew and all with smiles.  Happy 21st Birthday, Lyndsey.

Fire station park

                                Colby and Austin have always loved the Fire Department park which is located next to the Fire Station. Everything at the park is Fire themed and fun. We needed to kill a couple of hours one day so the boys voted to take Sean to the park. We had a good time and will have to do it again soon
Love all the smiles I saw that day           

Cowabunga Bay

We fell in love with the water park Cowabunga Bay and we made many trips there this summer. I loved it because the boys can touch in all the pools and water slides so it gave me quiet down time for a few hours. 
 Sean was so good to play with the boys and I often would find one of the boys on Sean's shoulders.
 It was time for a break and Austin's break turned into a good nap under his towel.
 I even caught Sean resting for quite a bit too.  I forget how hungry and tired the water can make kids.
 The tubes in the lazy river were probably the most fun for the boys.  They would make up games and spend hours trying to balance on top of the tubes.
 I finally got a picture of them all on top of the tube.
I already cannot wait for next summer and our trips to Cowabunga Bay as a whole family.

Our first time shaking ice cream

I read a new way to make homemade ice cream and so the boys convinced me to try it.
 It did not take long to mix all the ingredients but the key is lots of ice and rock salt which makes it all very very COLD.
 It's a good thing I was able to find winter gloves so they could shake shake shake their ice cream.
 Still shaking and hoping it is hardening soon
And it was great. We made enough for one bowl and 3 spoons.  The boys were so proud to say they made their own ice cream.  Tasty! Tasty! Tasty! 

Trip to the Children's Museum

I was so excited to take the boys to the Children's Museum.  I loved the quote a we walked in and we took the time to discuss our hero, their daddy who is off serving the Army in Kuwait.
 The boys always love top play dress up and it did not surprise me at all that Austin was a police officer first.  He says he really wants to be a police officer when he grows up and he is going to be a tough one.
 Colby on the other hand thinks he already knows how to drive, so he headed to the Firetruck.  Colby recently told me "mom, I know how to drive, so just grab my booster seat and put it in the driver's seat for me."

 Austin was the brave firefighter in the back
 We then moved on to some of my bloodline and gathered in the tee pee.  Austin led the meeting around the fire.

 Not sure if Colby was yawning or making his Indian sounds.

 Teacher Austin was very strict about what we should be doing in class.  Colby and I were his students and he did not let us break his rules.
 Colby decided to try chopsticks and hang out in China. Not sure he would survive in China because he hates Chinese food.

 Ok giddy up and let's head out to the races.  Austin's horse strolled while Colby was ready to race his to the finish line.

 Austin and Colby were not sure about milking the cow.  They thought it was so funny and then got kind of grossed out when I told them, they drink the milk that comes out of the cow's utter.  I just wonder how entertaining it would have been if they it had actually been a real cow.
It was a fun day of exploring and full of imagination and I am so glad we got to spend the day together.